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Warehouse Operations & Strategic Planning

Operations & strategic planning for business continuity

Enterprise software projects come with inherent risks, which is why it's crucial to have a reliable advisor by your side to guide you through your most complex ERP projects. We don't sell software or take commissions, which means we offer unbiased advice to help you find the right solutions. 

Product-based companies that still rely on outdated legacy applications can gain significant benefits by migrating to next-gen, cloud-based applications. Our team of experienced ERP consultants helps mid-market CFOs and other senior executives understand how their unique requirements can fit into off-the-shelf applications tailored to their industry.

Inventory Management

  • Purchase and stock the right SKU and quantities to meet changing customer and market requirements
  • Monitor inventory levels to respond to customer changes quickly
  • Plan and replenish to improve customer service levels

Transportation Management

  • Lower transportation costs by improving carrier management and integration with your systems and processes.
  • Pick the lowest-cost carriers for your orders.
  • Automate the planning and management of your carriers to improve efficiencies.

Our Proven Process


We will help you navigate through our exclusive assessment process to determine solid reasons for switching to different software, create a compelling business case to ensure that the benefits outweigh the costs, evaluate the risks involved in change management, and establish a clear roadmap for transformation. This will provide a strong foundation for a successful selection.


Based on your specific business needs, we will curate a list of potential vendors for you to evaluate. Our team of ERP consultants will then evaluate each vendor using our Total Certainty™ selection process, which ultimately leads to the identification of the most suitable and cost-effective software solution, along with the necessary implementation resources.


We can serve as your Client-Side Project Manager during implementation. Our experienced consultants offer implementation services for Data Migration, Change Management, and Business Analysis.

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We take pride in being truly independent. This means that we are not biased towards selling software or taking commissions. Our focus is solely on finding the best solutions for you.

With us, you can trust that we have your best interests at heart and will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the most effective and tailored solutions possible.

Typical Results

10% - 30% reduction inventory

10 % – 20% reduction in freight costs

25% increase in customer service levels

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ROA Solutions Group is a results driven consulting organization focused on delivering process and technology solutions to improve our client’s business performance. Since 2002, our experienced former Big 5 consultants bring proven methodologies and best business solution practices. We have deep industry and functional expertise that helps us quickly identify problems and prioritize solutions for our clients.

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