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Inventory Tracking, Stocking and Distribution

ERP is software designed to improve the efficiency of inventory, CRM, accounting and more. The right software, whether installed on-site or cloud-managed, will enhance the accuracy of every department in your company. It makes picking, packing, and shipping of orders efficient and accurate.

The right software will be able to help you to combine all of your current needs into one platform so you can easily control your operations. Using a cloud based software will give you access anywhere and on the go making it easier to always have the data you need on hand.

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Consumer Goods Focus Areas

E-commerce and EDI integration

Electronic data interchange (EDI) is the most commonly used e-commerce technology for inventory management to fulfillment.

Consignment Management

Store goods in the business unit without paying the supplier until after the goods are consumed.

Containerization and Packaging

Compared to the manual packing process this allows and guides the warehouse workers to pick the items directly into the chosen container.

Demand Planning and Forecasting

There are several steps that companies can take to mitigate uncertainty and improve their on-demand planning.

Quality Management

Quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement are four main components.

Labeling Compliance GS-1

The Universal Language for Business. The need for compliance and custom labeling solutions has grown exponentially.

Warehouse Management

Support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution with (WMS) Warehouse Management software.

Business Analytics

Data-driven changes using practical application of statistical analysis. Analytics done right fuels success and profits.

Customer Analysis

Take an in-depth look at who is likely to purchase your products or services gain insight into pricing strategy, client retention, and management guidelines.

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