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Health and medical management software can help to accomplish many tasks that are always changing or take too long to do. They can help to schedule an appointment, maintain your lists of insurance companies, get patient demographics, and much more. They also help healthcare organizations to be compliant with the ever-changing complex medical coding and billing rules.

Implementing this management software can be hard, but we can help to make it as seamless as possible, providing the support needed throughout the process.

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Medical Service Focus Areas

FDA Compliance

Provides guidelines and instructions for all procedures and items.

Certificates of Analysis

Quality Assurance issues a certificate confirming the products meet specification.

Quality Management

Quality planning, quality assurance, quality control and quality improvement are four main components.

Recall Management

Recall management helps you to avoid complications and protect your brand

Lot and Serial Control

Track several units of a stock item using the same lot number and serial number to aid in product recalls and regulatory demands.

Data Collection

Data collection is collecting and sorting information on items of interest to know what next steps are.

Medicare / Medicaid Billing Management

Use an all in one billing software that can simplify and speed up you getting paid.

Quality Management and Testing

A formalized system that documents processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving and maintaining quality.

Warehouse Management

Support and optimize warehouse functionality and distribution with (WMS) Warehouse Management software.

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