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Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Innovating Manufacturing Through Technology

The Manufacturing industry has sector-specific opportunities and challenges. From the executive suite to the shop floor, there is a push to improve every facet of the manufacturing operation. We tailor an approach that scales from targeted enhancements to a complete reinvention of your manufacturing process. We provide the domain expertise, technology, innovative methods, and best practices organizations need to achieve immediate value today as they build toward your long-term vision.

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Companies are as diverse as their products and services – and this especially applies to process manufacturers. There are many solutions that support all industry-specific production processes from procurement and quality control, recipe management and optimization, optimum scheduling and capacity planning.


The digitalization of business is in full swing. However, the casual acceptance of the use of modern business solutions today still often contradicts the effort required to provide them. The cloud is a well-established, simple, reliable, and secure concept that enables companies to implement digitalization without having to think about infrastructure, hardware, servers, and database systems.


For quite some time, current business processes are being supported by an abundance of digital tools: From telecommunications, daily office processes, financial management, customer relations, warehouse management, and logistics through to strategic business decisions. All these solutions must be optimally aligned to work in concert, creating added value through the intelligent provision and processing of information.


Process manufacturing companies have always had to deal with the challenges of global markets while staying productive and using resources efficiently. Progressive digitalization in all areas of the business both drives these challenges and is the key to your solution: It accelerates business processes, revolutionizes market activities and unleashes an unimaginable number of creative possibilities.

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ROA Solutions Group is a results driven consulting organization focused on delivering process and technology solutions to improve our client’s business performance. Since 2002, our experienced former Big 5 consultants bring proven methodologies and best business solution practices. We have deep industry and functional expertise that helps us quickly identify problems and prioritize solutions for our clients.

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