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Over 55% of businesses struggle with software integration across departments. At ROA Solutions Group, with 20+ years in the supply chain, particularly in manufacturing and distribution, we excel in software integration, offering services like design, development, and business process improvement. Our experience spans various sectors, providing customized solutions that boost your business's performance and efficiency. Trust us to enhance your operational success with our holistic approach to software integration.

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Tailored business software integration solutions

At ROA Solutions Group , we specialize in providing tailored business software integration solutions across a variety of industries. With over two decades of experience in supply chain management, particularly in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, we deliver comprehensive services, including software selection, design, development, and implementation, as well as business process redesign and improvement. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, we serve a broad range of business types and industries, ensuring seamless software system integration to enhance overall business performance.

Comprehensive Services

  • Specializes in business software integration
  • Over 20 years of experience in supply chain management
  • Focus on manufacturing and distribution sectors
  • Offers services in software selection, design, development, and implementation
  • Expertise in business process redesign and improvement
  • Certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Consultants
  • Serves a wide range of business types and industries

Transform your business's efficiency and operational success with ROA Solutions Group . Our team's unparalleled expertise in software integration and unwavering commitment to excellence in supply chain management, particularly in the manufacturing and distribution sectors, positions us as the ideal partner for your business. Whether you're looking to elevate your software systems or streamline your business processes, we deliver customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Don't let system integration challenges impede your growth any longer. Contact us today and take the first step towards a more integrated, efficient, and successful operation.

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by Industry Focus Areas

Business Software Integration

To compete in your market companies need to maintain real-time visibility over stock levels, sales data, and customer information

Seamless communication

From scheduling to billing, communication integration tools enhance operational efficiency, reduce errors, and improve team coordination.

Finance Integration Solutions

Integrating accounting, billing, and financial planning tools improves data management capabilities and automates workflows to enhance reporting and facilitate more strategic decision-making processes.

High-volume distribution

Cutting-edge technology connects distribution with ERP systems, enabling seamless real-time monitoring of inventory levels and production schedules.

Supply chain management

Seamless data flow between teams and departments through cutting-edge integration platforms facilitates smoother communication and data synchronization.

Fleet management,

Optimizing route planning, vehicle tracking, and maintenance schedules empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled operational efficiency.

For Expert by Industry ERP Selection & Integration

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ROA Solutions Group is a results driven consulting organization focused on delivering process and technology solutions to improve our client’s business performance. Since 2002, our experienced former Big 5 consultants bring proven methodologies and best business solution practices. We have deep industry and functional expertise that helps us quickly identify problems and prioritize solutions for our clients.

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