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Selecting a Warehouse Management System (WMS) Team

WMS implementation team

Selecting a Warehouse Management System (WMS) Team

Are you pondering the decision to implement a warehouse management system (WMS ) within your business? While the benefits are numerous, don’t be a victim of a stalled, prolonged or ill fitted solution. It is not uncommon to have schedule and cost overruns. Even issues brought on by hiring a less than experienced implementation partner can lead to the same.

The ROA Group, founded in 2002, has a blended team of former big 5 consulting implementer and industry subject matter experts to assist with a solution tailored for your company.

When preparing for a WMS decision, you might consider a few items that tend be commonplace in your WMS journey. Selecting the right team to integrate your new WMS software is key to a smooth roll out.

Vendor and System Integrators

Whether you are selecting from your in-house staff, bringing in an outside WMS integrator or a combination of both you'll need to answer these questions.

  • Is your integrator installing within your industry and company size?
  • Do they have a track record of delivering on time and on budget?
  • What separates them from other integrators?

Professional services for implementation

Take time to interview candidates for the ERP implementation team. Select a team leader that is passionate about the project and has the ability to sell the benefits.

  • Is their estimate of time (usually a block of hours) within normal standards?
  • Is your team committed to the project, since their availability will directly effect the schedule.

On-premise versus cloud installation & handheld RF equipment

Assess the network hardware you already have in your warehouse. The push for at-home staff and remote working may make cloud computing the best option but with the right hardware and connections remote access to on-premise software can also be achieved.

  • If on-premise, do the hardware specifications provide assurance they can handle the transactions?
  • If a cloud installation, is your internet speed adequate to support your transactions?
  • Are the RF devices supported by an engineered WIFI solution?

Changing your fulfillment process

Change is never easy but with an incremental roll out the adjustment can go smoothly. Mapping your your process will allow you to pin point the small steps that can prepare for larger leaps.  

  • Thoroughly analyze proposed changes in the warehouse
  • Map them out to facilitate training

Loss of fulfillment productivity

Be prepared for set backs and slow downs when flipping the switch on your WMS implementation. Inevitably there will be unforeseen issues and bugs that will need tweaking. Give your team some space to grease the wheels. 

  • Initially productivity will decrease at go-live
  • Use the KISS method to lessen the learning curve effect

Lack of project management and available resources

Road mapping the WMS project prior to starting will give your team the vision to see the benefits and motivate all those involved. Adopting change takes a motivated team that will sell the new WMS to your workforce.

  • Best to hire a project manager to lead the project
  • Get buy-in from all stakeholders
  • Always question “must have” requirements & ask for alternate solutions

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